Women For Women


Women for Women


Real estate is one of the most important investments that people make during their lifetime. In addition to being a significant financial investment, the home we choose for ourselves and our families becomes our sanctuary, the heart and center of our lives.

In order to help to give women the information and tools that will empower them to make the best, most informed real estate investment decisions, Pinkwater Select is launching our Women for Women division.

Through a series of unique networking events exclusively designed for women, we will offer powerful advice, engage in supportive brainstorming sessions, and share insights and experiences about property and so much more.

Pinkwater Select will bring in our team of top experts in the fields of design, art, finance and taxation, renovation and healthy living. Some of the topics we will dive into are:

  • Investment: When to invest, where to invest, & expectations of investment/ROI
  • How to increase the value of a property through renovation and “Buff & Fluff”
  • How to assess properties & what to look for
  • Upcoming trends and emerging markets for property investment
  • The long term value in acquisition
  • How to maximize your portfolio
  • Generational investing – what is right for you, your children…
  • How to choose artwork for your home
  • How to bring healthy living into your home
  • How to make your home a beautiful and inspiring haven

Additionally, we welcome your suggestions for other topics.


Please CONTACT US to register for our next Women for Women event in New York.


About Pinkwater Select:

Pinkwater Select is a luxury real estate boutique firm based in New York City which leverages its global network for property investors, buyers and sellers. In order to provide the very best service, Pinkwater Select has a full spectrum of capabilities in addition to the firm’s core brokerage business. Our team is comprised of the top experts in brokerage, design, architecture, construction, finance, investment, law, and property management, who work together seamlessly to deliver optimal property solutions for our clients.

Partners and sisters Royce and Julie Pinkwater each have over 25 years of experience working in sales and marketing, and have become trusted advisors to their clients, family and friends over the years.

Royce is one of the top-ranking experts in luxury realty worldwide. A former Senior Vice President of Sotheby’s International Realty, Royce has been distinguished by the Wall Street Journal as being in the top one hundredth of one percent of real estate agents in the nation, and throughout her career consistently ranked at the top one percent of Sotheby’s International Realty producers on a global scale.

Julie spent more than 25 years of experience leading winning sales teams at various top media companies. She owes her success to her passion, drive and creative approach. Julie is a highly strategic problem solver, with a relentless customer focus. Her hyper listening skills enable her to deeply understand the needs and desires of her clients, and she stops at nothing to deliver them an optimal solution.

Familiar with the issues and opportunities that women face in this marketplace, Royce and Julie are passionate about advising women on real estate investments and transactions. They strongly believe that one of the greatest resources available to women is the support and collaboration from other women. As a female owned and run company, Pinkwater Select is dedicated to providing women with support, motivation and invaluable networking opportunities.