Royce Pinkwater recently spoke with Wen-Lee Ying, Clem Turner, and Kevin Daniels.

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Wen-Lee Ying manages the New York Regional Center of the Extell Development Corporation. Based in Shanghai, he helps guide Asian national investors through the process to gain permanent residence via an EB-5 investment into Extell’s International Gem Tower or 555 Tenth Avenue projects in New York City.

Clem Turner is a corporate and securities attorney who is extremely active in EB-5.  Last year, Mr. Turner worked on EB-5transactions with a total deal value of $500+ million.

Kevin Daniels is the president of Seattle’s mixed-use Stadium Place. Daniels Real Estate, LLC for Stadium Place orchestrated a notable EB-5 capital raise of $33 million. Daniels told us that he has to date raised a total of $288 million of EB-5 capital for his various real estate projects.

Royce Pinkwater: “Please describe your experience working with EB-5.”

Wen-Lee Ying: “It has been very positive for all parties, he said. “I spend 80% of my time travelling throughout Asia to raise money for Extell projects, and I encounter great demand for the EB-5 visas, but the projects must be of high quality.  There are many projects in the market that are not very good and have trouble acquiring capital.  Having the correct structure and a known brand is very important.”  He added, “Most of the investors I deal with invest enough capital to obtain visas for themselves, their wives, and their children.  Many are eager for their children to be educated in the United States.”

Royce Pinkwater: “Which high profile NYC projects have utilized EB-5?”

Clem Turner: “EB-5 capital has funded Times Square hotels, food franchises, and condominiums, EB-5 investors want to see other investors in alongside them, they want secure investments, and they want developers with track records.  They also like big and sexy projects, like sports arenas, casinos, and hotels.”

Royce Pinkwater: “What are the positive effects of EB-5 funding?”

Kevin Daniels: “The use of EB5 funding helped create many new jobs in an economically challenged community, and we are already seeing the benefits as the neighborhood was recently named one of the top ten neighborhoods in the US by a national magazine.”