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Royce interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on the growing trend of serious art collectors designing the homes to fit their art collection:Headshot

Royce Pinkwater, founder and CEO of a high-end global real-estate company says in the past five years she’s seen an uptick in clients who are highly focused on displaying very valuable collections. “Art and property are the two top hard-asset classes people are investing in most now,” she says.  One of Ms. Pinkwater’s clients is working with an HVAC expert to install a museum-grade humidification control in their Manhattan condo to protect their artwork. Another recent client spent $1.5 million on custom lighting for their collection.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Most homeowners live with some artwork. Others build their homes around it. Some serious art enthusiasts set up living spaces to highlight everything from old master paintings to contemporary video installations and multimedia sculptures. Some bring in museum-lighting experts or construct gallery spaces to rotate collections. Architects and home builders say working with art-obsessed homeowners brings its own challenges, from installing heavy sculptures and oversize paintings to figuring out how to offset edgy art that may be provocative—or even intentionally offensive—upon first glance.

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