São Bernado, Estrela – LISBON

São Bernado, Estrela – LISBON
For Sale €935,000 to €3m  -
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  • Bedrooms 2-4
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  • Price €935,000 to €3m  -
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Where better to build a new type of environmentally friendly building, than on one of Lisbon’s oldest and most beautiful parks? Acting as the communities garden, the fauna and flora filled park compliments our building perfectly, contributing to an excellent quality of life that also includes easy access to all the amenities of the neighborhood as well as being within walking distance of Principe Real with its shops, restaurants and nightlife.

We used this canvas to inspire the conscious development of the project, seeking to minimize the environmental impact of the project, whilst maximizing our buildings contribution to the area through both its design, and the living experience.

The peaceful neighborhood of Estrela holds a special place in many Lisboetas heart, anchored by the 300 year old park, where residents of all ages come to feed the fish and the birds, listen to music at the grandstand, cycle and skate, or simply watch the world go by.



Elegance: Elegant 18th and 19th century architecture makes Estrela one of Lisbon’s most atmospheric and evocative neighborhoods.

Nature: A chance to sit under the trees with a good book, sip coffee as the morning joggers run by, picnic on a Sunday or go for an evening stroll as the bells of the Basilica chime.

Heritage: Family-run businesses, beautiful cafes and restaurants underpin Estrela´s character and quality of everyday life.

Safety and Security: Home to the city’s Parliament and the Prime Minister, Estrela is one of the safest neighborhoods in Lisbon.

This is a very special building. In collaboration with ARX, one of Lisbon’s leading architectural practices, we are building a structure using mostly wood, an organic, renewable material grown by the power of the sun, a deeply human material.

Intuitively inspiring happiness, studies show that the presence, scent and touch of wood can have remarkably positive effects, not only on people’s wellbeing in a general sense, but more specifically on stress levels, blood pressure, communication, learning and healing.

Using timber from responsibly managed forests, our building is a challenge to the status quo, a desire to improve urban lives and the environment too. The result, a beautiful wooden building in the heart of Lisbon, a happy home.

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