With large leather seats, gleaming wood, gold-trimmed belts, and style befitting a billionaire, upgraded jet flights can be unrecognizable to one used to commercial flights. Quieter, smoother, and of course, far more stylish, private jet upgrades could soon be on offer through Delta, and available for those passengers bumped or otherwise unable to take their commercial flight.

Forbes recently took a ride on one of the jets on offer:

Before the plane begins to taxi to the runway, a full bar sits at our disposal. Flight attendant Brenda Burns is eager to pour, although none of the six passengers have more than a single glass of Champagne. There are also turkey club sandwiches on offer, which the flight attendant made herself in a compact galley, along with chocolate-covered fruits, candies, and other snacks. The jet comes with a DVD library, Wi-Fi at no extra charge, and storage space for luggage. Want to fly with your precious poodle or kitten? Not a problem. The larger private jets all fly with an attendant—smaller, shorter models typically do not.

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