Sotheby’s Internatonal Realty is using VR to sell luxury homes, and in the next few years everyone could be shopping for houses with virtual reality.

Right now, the rich and famous are touring homes in virtual reality—and in a few years, so could everyone.

The Matthew Hood Real Estate Group at Sotheby’s International Realty BID 0.87% has begun experimenting with Samsung Gear VR as a new showcase for multi-million dollar homes based in Los Angeles, as well as luxury residences in the Hamptons and in New York City.

Hood says the types of homes this works best for today are high-end homes, because the cost of scanning a home for VR ranges from $300-$700. The real estate agent first experimented with filming 360-degree video of homes using a stationary camera set-up with 10 GoPro cameras, but 3D scans allow a customer to walk through a house using a hand controller for navigation.