No homes too luxurious for Manhattan super-rich


Infinity pools, climate-controlled wine cellars and golf simulators – it’s the little things that count in the booming market of luxury real estate coveted by the super-rich in New York.

This year, record prices crossed the threshold of US$100 million (RM369 million) for a single apartment, and agents are investing more time and trouble than ever before in tailor-making residential buildings for billionaires.

A perfect example is the duplex at the top of a 43-story tower near the United Nations – nearly 10,000 square feet (more than 900 square meters) with an infinity pool on the terrace, a private elevator and spectacular views.

It’s on offer for US$70 million.

The building, 50 United Nations Plaza, taps into the latest trend of going above and beyond in the competitive world of luxury living.

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