New York’s new skyline revealed: The towers that will transform the city by 2030-


‘Billionaires’ Row’ is transforming New York’s iconic skyline.

By 2030, architectural giants such as the One World Trade Center and One57 will be overshadowed by a new crop of glistening towers in Midtown Manhattan.

Now, one art studio has created a rendering of what the New York skyline will look like in 15 years once these towering behemoths make their mark on the landscape.

The most obvious difference between today and 2030 will be 57th Street, which will host the tallest buildings in the Western Hemisphere.

Dubbed Nordstrom Tower, the tower’s parapet could reach 1,530 feet — 15 stories higher than the World Trade Center — and its pinnacle, roughly 1,795 feet. Previous plans had suggested the tower would be slightly smaller, at 1,775 feet.

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