July 05, 2017

“Forget the on-site fitness center and spa-treatment rooms. Residential developers now incorporate next-level inclusions, such as that feng shui garden, as well as nutritionists, built-in aromatherapy and “brain fitness” for memory and relaxation enhancement — to make physical and mental wellness more of an immersive experience for residents. In today’s competitive residential market, these uncommon amenities not only help new addresses stand out, but also mark a response to homeowners who want to live healthier, happier lives.

Other locals outfit their homes with more-encompassing therapeutic features. That’s the case for real-estate executive Royce Pinkwater, who converted her Park Avenue master bathroom into a spa retreat, with an aromatherapy machine, multi-chromatic light options and a sound system.

She says these fixtures have helped make her feel happier, healthier and more at peace.

“If I want to feel up, I turn on white light and pump in citrus or vanilla aroma,” she says. “After a yoga class, I go for lavender light and scent and raindrop sounds. I recently had a party, and many of my guests wound up ordering the system.”

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