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All in a Day’s Work

Agents and brokers share their tales of  deals gone (almost) outrageously wrong

By: Adam Bolinawski

Published: 2/3/2016


But even when you go the extra mile, satisfaction is never guaranteed. Last year, Pinkwater Select found Royce Pinkwater helped a pair of longtime clients buy Bruce Willis’ apartment at the El Dorado. After closing on the three-bedroom apartment, though, her buyers realized the apartment wasn’t quite big enough, and so Ms. Pinkwater embarked on a search for an adjacent apartment they could purchase for a combo.

Eventually, she said, she managed to convince the owners of the unit directly below to sell on the condition that she find them another apartment in the El Dorado. Which she did. And everyone live happily ever after…for a few months anyway.

Her clients, Ms. Pinkwater said, had purchased in the building to be closer to their children who were in school uptown at Columbia. ‘But it turns out the kids didn’t want them to be that close,’ she said.

The apartments are currently being prepped to go back on the market. Her clients are headed to Chelsea.”