London City Island is not, as its name might suggest, an island, but rather a peninsula. The marketing angle, however, is only stretching the truth by an inch or two. Road access is limited to a single, slim entry point and locals will enjoy the same sense of encircling water as locations with a more legitimate claim to the name.

The development’s extensive river fringe has played a key role in the way this urban village has been envisaged. Architect Glenn Howells has taken inspiration from the waterfront skyline of Manhattan and Chicago, introducing a similar sense of jagged geometry and bold use of colour to brighten the cloudy metropolitan skies. “We wanted to create something visibly different, which, from a distance, would act as an interesting collage,” says Howells, founding partner of Glenn Howells Architects. “The modelling allows you to see the island as a coherent composition and the colour helps you read one building against another.”

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