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Cutting-edge furniture designers and artists are reinvigorating marquetry with ravishing new riffs on traditional techniques, materials and patterns.

From “How To Spend It”

One of the first to look at marquetry with new eyes was that fascinating Dutch-Belgian design duo Studio Job. At Design Miami 2008, their Bavaria collection (so named because it was inspired by 18th-century Bavarian hand-painted furniture), made exclusively for New York’s former design mecca Moss, used Indian rosewood and intricate brightly coloured laser-cut inlays of bucolic farm scenes – motifs that were a radical move away from traditional marquetry patterns. Then, in 2010, they went one step further, launching their wonderful Industry Series collection of furniture at Carpenters Workshop Gallery. There were some astonishing pieces (made to order, price on request) – a great dressoir, a magnificent screen, a table and a cabinet – all made from Indian rosewood inlaid with maple animals, insects and birds, as well as industrial objects such as weaponry, and, most surprisingly, silhouettes of skeletons.

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