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Kasbah Estate, courtesy Pinkwater Select

Morocco is among the top 20 affordable countries to buy luxury real estate in the emerging markets, according to a new ranking released by global real estate platform Lamudi.

According to Lamudi’s data, purchasing luxury real estate in Morocco costs an average $1292.24 per square meter, ranking 12th out of 20 affordable countries for luxury real estate.

To determine the best locations to invest in affordable luxury real estate, the list takes into account affordability as well as the available supply of luxury real estate in each country.

Ethiopia has been named the most affordable location for luxury real estate where the price per square meter for luxury property is ($447.87), on average.

It is followed by Ivory Coast in second place ($482.96 per square meter), Tanzania ($548.89) and Mexico ($763.03). Colombia rounded off the top five, with high-end real estate priced at $854.87per square meter.

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