Luxury real estate. We would all probably like a little luxury pad to jet away to during our holidays or at other times. Be it an ocean-view idyll, a grand estate, a French- or Swiss-style splendour or a Texas ranch retreat. All that’s required are deep pockets for an outright property purchase or luxury rental.

From Forbes:

On this note my interest in the luxury real state market was recently heightened during a visit to Christie’s auction house in London’s South Kensington. It was here that I inquired about valuations on bronze busts by English sculptor John Somerville as I had one his works of Nobel Prize winning Irish novelist Samuel Beckett. […]

At Christie’s I stumbled upon a glossy copy of ‘Christie’s International Real Estate’ quarterly magazine subtitled ‘The Global Address for Luxury Living’. This particular issue from late 2014 covered around 200 unique and exceptional luxury properties for sale – categorized from North America to South America, Europe to Africa as well as Asia to Oceania.

The prices ranged from around a mere $900,000 (c.€800,000) for an apartment in an exotic development in Lisbon, Portugal, through to a prime beachfront location in Naples, Collier County Florida, at $75m. Spoilt for choice really.


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