Luxury property chief on social housing, Armaggedon and how to spot the next housing market crash


At first glance, Alex Michelin, a co-founder of Finchatton, seems every bit the suave developer of luxury properties.

His suit is as well fitted as the opulent interiors that he designs, and he sits at a table covered in glossy brochures of Knightsbridge penthouses his company has built, converted or styled – or all three. But, upon closer inspection the resemblance to other high-end, London-based property bosses starts to dissipate.

Finchatton’s base may be just a 10-minute walk from Sloane Square. But it is located quietly off the King’s Road. The office is discreet, understated and conservative – and says much about the company’s two founders, Michelin and his schoolmate, Andrew Dunn.

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