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From The New York Times:

DeLuca in SoHo. There, he ran into a wealthy businessman he knew from São Paulo, Brazil.

“I was shocked when I saw him,” said Mr. Amaro, the chairman of the Latam Airlines Group. “You would never see a high-profile person like him going to the grocery store back home, especially not without armored guards. There you go straight from the office, to the car, to home.”

The scene confirmed for Mr. Amaro why he wants to move his family to New York. “We really want to raise our kids in a more relaxed environment, where they can be free and just walk to school without having to worry about safety,” said Mr. Amaro, whose children are 3 and 5.

He recently purchased a four-bedroom condominium at the Astor, at 235 West 75th Street on the Upper West Side. He will move there with his family once his green card is approved. “New York is a very natural fit for us,” he said. “It is very affluent, very cosmopolitan and very multicultural, which is what we are looking for.”

Foreign buyers have been a mainstay of the New York real estate for years. But the profile of these buyers seems to be changing. Gone is the Chinese shopper snatching up apartments sight unseen on social media sites like WeChat, as are the Russian oligarchs who thought nothing of writing eight-figure checks for flashy penthouses with Central Park views. In many cases, those buyers left their apartments empty for much of the year. But now, many international buyers like Mr. Amaro are looking to purchase a home for their families.

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