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As the property boom restructures the physical fabric of London, vast sums of money are being spent on the advertising and careful brand positioning of new residential spaces across the capital.

Whether pitching to the global elite of Danny Dorling’s 1%, a Londoner with a deposit or an overseas buyer on the lookout for a secure investment, the city’s current swath of new properties is driving marketeers to make ever bolder claims to achieve a competitive edge. “Versace on the inside, London on the outside,” boasted recent adverts for the fledgling Aykon Tower in Battersea.

Property marketing increases buyer confidence, and perceptions of authenticity are often encouraged through a nod to the history of the area. At London City Island in Canning Town, the apartments will apparently “draw on East London’s post-seafaring energy”. William Shakespeare, no less, has been appearing on billboards advertising the new Stage tower in Shoreditch.