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From the New York Times:

It might have been any over-the-top Manhattan dinner party: a penthouse setting where several dozen carefully chosen, accomplished guests enjoyed artisanal cocktails, a four-course tasting menu prepared by up-and-coming chefs and a live dance performance. But this was no ordinary over-the-top party. It was an open house — albeit a very exclusive one.

Organized by Jessica Wolf, a recent Dartmouth graduate who is the membership manager at NeueHouse, the private club and co-working space, the late-June event was one of a series of dinners intended to bring together creative professionals not just for networking, but also to show off a new high-end property nearing completion.

The thinking, said Ms. Wolf, 23, is that the best kind of publicity for luxury real estate is word of mouth (or social media posts) by the right people. Her company, Vivonne, is a members-only supper club that partners with brokerages like Douglas Elliman Real Estate to arrange these events, four of which have been held since April.

Photo: Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times