Real estate in Asia can be somewhat volatile, but even a cursory study shows how it can sometimes be rather predictable. “Now more than ever, investors in the Asian property markets are looking to policy makers to offer clues as to future performance,” said Nicholas Holt, Knight Frank’s Asia Pacific head of research.

“One of the main observations of residential markets around the world over the last five to six years has been the increasing influence of policy interventions in residential markets, whether fiscal, monetary or regulatory. This is especially apparent in policy driven markets such as China, but also in more laissez-faire markets such as New Zealand, where we have seen authorities step in over recent years,” said Holt.

Within the next twelve months, a number of macro changes will take place that could effect the rise or fall of Asia’s long term growth. WealthX reports on international property agent Knight Frank’s list of the top ten things that will affect Asia’s property markets, in the coming 12 months.

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